by Tim

On Easter weekend I told my parents that I was planning on proposing to Jenna sometime in the near future. I kept it just between my parents and I because my brother had just announced to the family that he was engaged to his girlfriend, so I didn't want to take the attention away from him. I also told my sisters and a couple of my brothers too that weekend.

Fast Forward to the day before Mother's Day. Jenna and I had taken a look at some rings and I figured out which style Jenna liked. With the help of Jenna's mom, I was able to figure out Jenna's ring size. I had actually gotten Jenna's ring size from her mom late last year. Anyway, I digest.

So, the day before Father's Day I purchase the ring and have it sent off to be sized. After that, my sister Leah (who had recently moved to Lake Elsinore) and I went to Porterville (where my parents live) for Father's Day. I told her I bought a ring and she was really excited. I was really happy that this was becoming a reality, but I couldn't share it with Jenna just yet, which was torture.

During the trip with my sister, we figured out all the details on how I would propose. A couple days before I asked Jenna out, we went and saw 500 Days of Summer in the theatre. Jenna really liked the movie (I'm sure you can go back to sometime last year - I think she mentions it in one of her blog posts). She had at one point said she wanted to go see that bench. I found out where it was right away, and over time I had decided that was going to be the spot. It was the spot where the guy in the movie goes to think, but then also at the end it's where he goes to get closure from this relationship he was in with both characters meeting at the bench. For me, it seemed like the perfect place because we would be able to close one chapter of our lives [a one where we're dating] and start another [one where we are getting married]. I knew that Jenna and my sister were anxious to hang out with each other. I told my sister that she could take her over to that park and that I'd be there waiting. A simple plan, but at the same time complicated. I came back from that trip even more excited, but so burdened that I couldn't share it with Jenna.

Jenna and I went on our trip to San Francisco and while we were on the BART getting back to SFO, the Jeweler calls me and says the ring is ready to be picked up. Jenna asks who it was, and I tell her "don't worry about it". I had no idea what to say. I wasn't prepared to make up stories, so it was the first thing I came up with. That's when she started getting suspicious of me. I text'd my sister to let her know it was ready, and now we were just waiting for my sister to have a Monday off so she could hang out with Jenna. Eventually, my sister just switched with someone so she could have it off and I could finally do this.

I started texting my friends and telling them, as well as calling some when I wasn't around Jenna. Jenna started noticing that I was texting people, but hiding the texts. She was again getting suspicious of me. I was really excited and wanted to tell her that it was okay and stuff, but I didn't want to give her any hints that something was coming up. I just asked her to trust me.

Leah and Jenna started planning to hang out on Monday to take pictures. The perfect plan, as she needed to take pictures of the proposal.

I had messaged Jenna's mom telling her I needed to talk to Jenna's dad about asking his permission to marry Jenna. I was sort of told that it wasn't necessary beforehand, but I needed to do it I think. I planned on going the Saturday before while Jenna was at work. Later on Jenna decides that she wants to go to Hemet on Sunday, so we decide to have the talk then.

-The Day Before-

Sunday we went to Hemet. Nearly 20 minutes in to us being there, Jenna's dad finds a way to get us away by asking if I can help him get something from their storage. The PERFECT plan, as I'm all strong and stuff. It was convincing. We talked for a few minutes, and I got the blessing that I wanted :) Needless to say, I've never felt this welcome by a family outside of my own. I talk a little bit with Jenna's mom later on about it, and she tells me how hard it is to keep it secret. Besides that, we didn't talk much about it.

I started to get nervous while we were driving home. I told Jenna that I was just feeling anxious for some unknown reason and not to worry about it. Now when I get back home I'm trying to find a way to sneak my suit and shoes in to the car without Jenna noticing. She went and used the restroom, so I ran out quickly and rushed my stuff out there. I lied and told her I forgot to lock the car. By this time, I'm all ready to just lie about everything to get rid of any suspicion.

-The Day of the Proposal-

I woke up and got ready for "work". I took my gym bag and filled it with other dress stuff that I would need, took the ring that had been hiding in my dresser for a few weeks, and then headed to work.


The guys at work knew what day it was. I was getting ready and showing off the ring. I had to get ready and was planning on leaving at the same time as Leah and Jenna. I left and headed to the park. I found the bench, but someone was sitting on it. So, I stood about 10 feet behind it for a while hoping that he would leave. About an hour went by and he was still there, so I sat down next to him hoping that would make him feel awkward, but it didn't. Eventually, when my sister text me to say she was right by the park, I ended up paying him $20 to go to another bench. It had to be THAT bench. There were many others, but THAT was the exact one (it had a placard on it identifying it as the one from the movie). The guy didn't seem too thrilled, but whatever - he made an easy $20.

So, I sat there for about 1 minute trying to calm myself down. I look to my right and there she was staring at me from about 100 feet away. I saw my sister snapping all kinds of pictures (as planned) and then it hit me that this is it. Jenna took about 2 steps forward and then stopped. I thought to myself, "Why is she stopping? Is it to make sure Leah gets a good picture!?" Quickly I brushed that idea away and just forgot about everything going on around me. I motioned for her to come over. I believe I had to motion for a while. A lot of it was a blur.

Eventually she made it too the bench, where I sat her down next to me while she kept asking over and over "what are you doing?", and then I got down on my knee. I didn't have a speech planned or anything. I had no idea what I was going to say. I told her that the last year had been the best year of my life, and that I want to continue to have more best years of my life with her (I started to choke up a little bit and kinda cried a little but like on the inside and you totally couldn't tell so don't even bring it up ever -kthx). I then asked her if she would marry me, where she said, "of course" or "well yes" or something. I don't really remember. I just know that I somehow was able to convince her that I was good enough for her to marry.


We kissed.

I then asked her to put the ring on and she said she was too scared to. I don't know why. She was shaking a little bit. I then took it out and put it on her finger, and we kissed again. I then finally was able to tell her about all those suspicious things and what they really were, and that her parents knew, and my parents knew. I was able to finally let the secret out. She was soo happy and smiling the whole time. She told me "you got me". She had told me beforehand that she would see it coming. I'm glad I was able to sneak this one up on her. When she woke up that morning, she had no idea what was in store for her that day. She looked so beautiful and so amazing walking to me, sitting next to me, and while I was telling her how much I love her.

We sat around and my sister took some more pictures, and then we left and went to Disneyland.